Monday, 29 October 2012

Phalaenopsis in my garden

I'm so in love with this genus. So here are the phals that have taken their own spot in my small garden.

This is the first phal that I own. This phal NoId  I bought from a flower shop at Cameron Highland in 2005. 

Phal NoId 

Phal NoId

Phal NoId. 

Phal bellina

Phal Yungho Geb Canary x Phal bellina 'alba'

Phal violacea

Phal Cornu Cervi

Phal cornustris (Phal equitris 'alba' x phal cornu cervi 'flava')

Phal amboinensis 'flava'

Phal NoId

Phal Ishin salmon

Phal NoId

Phal NoId

Phal NoId

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