Sunday, 14 October 2012

Orchid on my Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.  Usually I dont bother to celebrate it. But this year I went to Kb Holticulture. This nursery located at Kaki Bukit Perlis near to the famous Gua Kelam and Wang Kelian. After walking , looking and searcing around the orchids, I finally choose 3 plants as gifts to myself on my birthday.

This is a dendrobium hybrid that I bought. The colour is so vibrant and the size of the flower is so big. 

And my love for Phalaenopsis will never end.
Phalaenopsis YungHo Geb Canary x Phalaenopsis bellina 'alba'

Phalaenopsis violacea


  1. Amboi byk koleksi yg di beli yer ;)

  2. 3 je.....nampak jugak la phal amboinensis dgn phal tetraspis tapi next time la